VI. Miscellaneous

A. Non-discrimination

  1. All students from Texas secondary schools are invited to join our competitions.
  2. All students from non-Texas secondary schools are invited to contact the director to discuss participation opportunities.
  3. Texas Quiz Bowl does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation.
  4. If you have a concern regarding the accessibility of TQBA events please email cromero at

B. Financial Resources

  1. If your school does not have the means to pay for a quiz bowl participation, please contact cromero at to discuss your circumstances.

C. Cheating

  1. Texas Quiz Bowl does not tolerate academic dishonesty in any form.
  2. Giving or receiving answers is strictly forbidden.
  3. Accessing and perusing question sets before playing at an event at which they will be used is forbidden.
  4. Using any aid during a match, including but not limited to smart phones and previously written notes, and receiving help from non-players is forbidden.
  5. Students found guilty of cheating are subject to a lifetime ban from Texas Quiz Bowl competition.
  6. Schools, coaches and adult chaperones are ultimately responsible for the behavior and ethics of their students.  Adults directly or indirectly involved in cheating incidents are subject to a lifetime ban from Texas Quiz Bowl  competition.

D. Non-disclosure

  1. Texas Quiz Bowl does not reveal personal information regarding its clientele outside of that information (name, grade, school, points) inherent in stat collection.
  2. Texas Quiz Bowl does not release contact information for either students or schools

E. Photography & Videography

  1.  Texas Quiz Bowl reserves the right to photograph, videotape, or audio tape all elements of its events for promotional purposes.
  2. Students, Coaches, and Parents are allowed to photograph at TQBA events.
  3. Coaches and parents are urged to be cognizant of the distracting nature of flash photography and use discretion when photographing during matches.
  4. Students, coaches, and parents are expressly prohibited from video taping or audio taping any TQBA tournament match or any part of a TQBA tournament match due to the nature of packet security.

F. Right of Refusal

  1. Texas Quiz Bowl reserves the right to refuse service to any person, group, school, or district.
  2. Reasons for refusal include, but are not limited to:
    1. The individual or group is in debt to TQBA.
    2. The individual or group has failed to adhere to the TQBA rules and regulations.
    3. The individual or group’s presence detracts from the mission of TQBA.
    4. The individual or group’s presence creates a negative environoment for other individuals or groups.

G. Appeals

  1. Texas Quiz Bowl has no appeals process. The decisions of the TQBA director are final.

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