IV. Qualifying Standards

A. TQBA Championship

  1. The Texas Quiz Bowl Varsity State Championship is annually contested as a full round robin among the top teams from across the state of Texas.
  2. The number of teams shall be at least 12 and no more than 18.
  3. The exact number of participants will be determined each year based upon logistical considerations.
  4. Following the full round robin, any team which is 2 games ahead of the field will be declared champion. If team A has a 1 game advantage over team B, there will be an advantaged final–team B would have to beat team A in two consecutive games to be declared champion. If team A and team B are tied after the round robin the two teams will play a single game for the championship.
  5. Any tie for a spot in the final will be played off with a full packet.
  6. Ties for all other placings (following the round robin) will be broken statistically by bonus conversion.

B. TQBA Championship Qualification for Schools 

The State spots will be determined through the following hierarchal procedure:

  1. Spots will be reserved for the winners of the designated TQBA regular season events.
  2. All remaining spots will be reserved for previously unqualified schools who have accumulated the most points (across multiple tournaments) during the regular season.
  3. Each win at a regular season Division I varsity event counts as 2 points for qualification purposes.
  4. Each win at a regular season Division II varsity event counts as 1 point for qualification purposes.
  5. Each win at an open (no Division I/II designation) event counts as 1 point for qualification purposes.
  6. Each win at a novice tournament or freshmen tournament counts as ½ win for qualification purposes.
  7. For any single tournament, a school will be credited with the points of its best performing team.
  8. A school with multiple teams in a tournament does not get credited with the sum of their points.
  9. Under typical circumstances, no school will be allowed more than one team in the TQBA Championship
  10. The exception to previous rule is if two distinct teams (with no common members) from the same school independently qualify by winning different qualifying events.
  11. Under no circumstances will more than 2 teams from a single school be allowed to participate in state.
  12. In the event that one school qualifies multiple teams that share common members, only one team will be eligible for the state championship and the school’s coach will determine the team’s roster.
  13. A current ranking of the schools’ qualification be kept on the Texas Quiz Bowl web site.

C. TQBA Championship Qualification for Students 

  1. Participation in at least three TQBA regular season event is necessary (but not sufficient) for participation in the state championship.
  2. No student who has not played in at least three TQBA regular season events is eligible to participate in the Varsity State Championship division.
  3. At least 70% of the individual scoring from a qualifying team must be represented by players at the Texas Invitational.
  4. All substitutions are subject to approval.

D. Texas Invitational for Teams

  1. All varsity teams from Texas must qualify in order to participate in TQBA’s annual event for elite high school programs.
  2. In order to qualify, a team must finish in the top 4 of a regular season TQBA event using NAQT questions.
  3. At least 70% of the individual scoring from the qualifying team must be represented amongst the players during all matches at Texas Invitational.
  4. All  substitutions are subject to approval.
  5. All Texas Invitational players must have played in a TQBA event that competition season.
  6. There is no qualifying standard for out of state teams; invitations to out of state teams are at the discretion of the TQBA board.

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