I. Event Policies

A. Participation

  1. All participating teams at Texas Quiz Bowl events must be comprised of students who physically attend the same educational institution on a regular basis.
  2. All participating teams are required to represent their school and must play under their school’s name.
  3. Students’ schools and school districts are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their students.
  4. Students are required to play under their legal names. Pseudonyms are not allowed.

B. Registration

  1. Teams should register using the naqt.com registration system. Links will be generally be provided on the front page of the TQBA website AND on each tournament’s individual event page.

C. Types of Tournaments

  1. By default, all Texas Quiz Bowl tournaments are invitationals. TQBA reserves the right to decide whether a given tournament is an appropriate competition venue for a given team.
  2. Novice tournaments (and novice divisions at larger events) are reserved for students who meet certain criteria (see Section I).
  3. College tournaments are events intended for university students. Teams of high school students are generally (though not always) allowed to play in TQBA sponsored college events.

D. Fees 

  1. Regular Tournament Entry fees are set at $140 per team per tournament.
  2. A $10 discount is available for bringing a working buzzer system.
  3. A $20 discount is offered to all teams at middle school events.
  4. A $20 discount is offered to all teams at elementary events.
  5. The fee must be received by tournament morning registration period.
  6. A team that has registered for a tournament and withdraws less than 24 hours before the start of an event is liable for their full entry fee.
  7. A team that has registered for a tournament and does not show for a tournament is liable for an amount equal to twice their full entry fee.
  8. All state designated Title I schools are eligible for discounted entry fees.
  9. Tournament fees which are not received by morning registration are not eligible for discounts and are subject to an additional 15% penalty fee.
  10. Teams with outstanding tournaments fees due are ineligible to participate in TQBA events.
  11. Special Events such as our TQBA Championships and Texas Invitational will follow different fee structures.

E. Times 

  1. Tournament Registration begins promptly at 8:00 a.m.
  2. A organizational team meeting will begin at approximately 8:45 a.m.
  3. The first match begins at approximately 9:00 a.m.
  4. The 7th round will begin exactly 45 minutes after the last match of round 6 ends.

F. Fields

  1. The tournament field will be declared final 48 hours before the start of tournament registration.
  2. The TQBA director reserves the right to drop teams due to spacing issues.
  3. The TQBA director reserves the right to add late teams.
  4. Multiple teams from the same school are subject to limitation based on priority registrations for first teams from other schools (see below)

G. Rosters

  1. During morning registration, coaches will be required to submit rosters including students name and grade.
  2. A team’s roster may include no more than 6 players.
  3. A student may play for one and only one team during a particular event. A student does not have to be on the same team for different events.
  4. All students included on a roster must have previously completed student data form to allow us to verify a student’s eligibility to participate. Student data forms may be completed on the morning of his or her first event of the year.
  5. No student may play under a pseudonym without extenuating circumstances
  6. Texas Quiz Bowl reserves the right to verify the registration and grade status of any participant with the appropriate school officials.

H. Supervision

  1. Each team is expected to be chaperoned by at least one adult at high school or middle school tournaments. This chaperone need not associated with the school represented by the students.
  2. Though a school official is not required as a chaperone, all teams must be sanctioned by their school. No rogue team shall participate in a TQBA event.
  3. Ill-behavior by any student will not be tolerated and my result in sanctions possibly including team expulsion from the current event and a ban from future events.
  4. Ultimately a team’s school is accountable for its behavior. Any misbehavior at TQBA events will be referred to school administrators for possible school disciplinary action.
  5. Students who have not yet graduated high school are ineligible to serve in any official coaching or supervisory role.

I. Standard Tournament Format

  1. The typical TQBA preliminary shall include 8 rounds. Teams will play 6 matches out of 8 rounds with two byes. A lunch break is typical between rounds 6 and 7.
  2. In preliminary matches ties will not be broken.
  3. Following the preliminary matches, the top teams from the preliminary will advance to a playoff.
  4. Playoff teams will be seeded based on winning pct, bonus conversion (to 2 decimal places), and ratio (to 2 decimal places).
  5. Ties to advance to the playoffs will be determined by the above procedure.
  6. Ties in playoff games will be decided with a sudden death tossup.

J. Sub Varsity events 

  1. Freshmen Events
    1. Only currently enrolled freshmen are allowed to play in freshmen events.
  2. Novice Events
    1. Seniors are not generally allowed to play in novice events.
    2. Any non-senior high school student who has never scored more than 30 ppg in a TQBA varsity event is eligible to play in novice events.
    3. Any student who has scored more than 30 ppg in a TQBA middle school event is ineligible to participate in novice events.
  3. Junior Varsity Events
    1. No more than one senior may play simultaneously on a given junior varsity team
      1. Two (or more) seniors can both be on a JV roster, as long as only one plays in the match at any given time.
    2. No more than two upperclassmen (seniors or juniors) may play on a given junior varsity team.
      1. More than two upperclassmen can be on a JV roster, as long as no more than two upperclassmen play in a match at any given time.
  4. General Guidelines for all Sub Varsity events
    1. Middle School students are prohibited from playing in any sub-varsity event

K. Multiple Teams from the same school

  1. The TQBA director may choose to limit the number of participating teams from a given school in any TQBA regular season event.
  2. In particular if the number of team spots is limited, the first team from one school will be allowed to play before the second team from another school will be allowed to play and the second team from one school will be allowed before the third school from another school will be allowed to play.

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