V. Expectations

A. General 

  1. TQBA expects that all persons (staff, students, coaches, and families) associated with our tournaments be treated with the respect that they deserve.
  2. TQBA reserves the right to disqualify from participation students, coaches, or schools involved in circumstances that lessen the quality of the quiz bowl experience for other teams or reflect poorly upon Texas Quiz Bowl.
  3. Such behavior shall include but is not limited to:
    • Persons who inappropriately behave at a TQBA event
    • Persons involved in cheating either in Quiz Bowl, other academic events, or in school
    • Persons who are currently not passing one or more courses at their school
    • Persons who publicly demean (either verbally or on the internet) other students, teams, or schools specifically or Texas Quiz Bowl in general

B. Students

  1. Students should always wear proper attire.
  2. Students must refrain from running in the halls inside of tournament facilities.
  3. Students must remain quiet outside of rooms in which matches are being contested.
  4. Students should bring paper and pencil to each event.
  5. Students should refrain from bringing totems with them to tournaments.
  6. Student use of outside notes during a match is strictly prohibited; all paper used for a match should begin the match blank.
  7. Students must remain respectful of their fellow participants at all times.
  8. Students must refrain from taunting or rambunctious celebrations during a match.
  9. Students must remain quiet during their opponent’s bonuses.

C. Adult Sponsors

  1. Each team participating in a TQBA event is expected to accompanied by an adult chaperone.
  2. Adult sponsors need not be associated with the school represented by the team
  3. Adults sponsors are expected to monitor and police the behavior of their students.
  4. Adult sponsors do have standing to protest or call a timeout on behalf of their team when appropriate.

D. Spectators

  1. Spectators at quiz bowl matches must remain absolutely silent during matches.
  2. Spectators cannot become distraction for either players, staffers, or scorekeepers.
  3. Spectators have no standing to protest.

E. Administrative 

  1. No school, district, teacher, or administrator may arbitrarily prohibit quiz bowl participation on the basis of age, race, gender, or membership in some organization with non-quiz bowl requirements.
  2. All students (who remain in good academic standing) at a given school, must be eligible to join the quiz bowl program at his or her school.
  3. Any school, district, or administrator who actively discourages, impedes, or prohibits quiz bowl participation is subject to sanction.

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