Sample Questions

NAQT Middle School Sample: These questions are used for some of our middle school events each year. Because we typically have more middle school events than packet sets available, TQBA middle school events sometimes use NAQT Introductory level sets.

NAQT Introductory High School Sample: These questions are used for our challenge events and occasionally for our middle school events. They are intended as a introduction for teams to high school quiz bowl and are more accessible than the regular NAQT High School questions.

NAQT High School Sample: These questions are used for our larger regular season events such as Kickoff, HoHoHo, and Rodeo. They are the national standard for high school quiz bowl competition.

NAQT High School National and Middle School National Samples: Each year teams compete at TQBA events to earn the right to compete at the annual NAQT High School National Championship or Middle School Championship events on questions like these. Though TQBA does not use these questions at any of our events, Texas teams compete on them against the best in the nation each April/May.

NAQT Sectional Div I Sample: These questions are used annually in college contest to determine qualifiers for the NAQT Intercollegiate Championship event. TQBA uses this questions for its annual Texas Invitational. In past years as many as 8 of the nation’s top 10 rated high school teams have come to the Lone Star State to compete in America’s most prestigious regular season event.

NAQT Intercollegiate Div II Sample: These questions are used annually in a contest among the best first and second year college teams in the nation. Because of the extraordinary breadth and depth of the Texas high school field, TQBA uses these questions for our annual TQBA Varsity Championship.


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