Practice Packets

Here is a suggested sequence of questions to use in practice. We recommend this sequence for all students. Lower high school packets are also suggested for middle school teams.

  • CMST I and CMST II were written as an annual Middle School event. Though they are designed for middle schools, they are an excellent place to start for newbie high schoolers too. There are 10 packets in each set.
  • HSAPQ samples are excellent standard level high school question. As of Fall 2011 there are approximately 250 packets available from this repository.
  • Fall Kickoff 2009 and 2010 each have 9 packets.
  • is an excellent source of hundreds (if not thousands) of packets of various levels.
  • Challenging questions are also available. includes a college section and high school tournaments like Harvard Fall, PACE NSC, and HSAPQ NASAT are among the most difficult high school tournaments available.
  • NAQT offers packets for sale

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