Teams 9-12 (11/28/13)

November 28, 2013 Rankings

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 12. St. Dominic Savio (Fall: 12.58 BC; Alamo: 14.37 BC, 2.4 PPG)
TQBC Qualified at Metroplex

 Of all the programs in this list, St. Dominic Savio is the youngest. Their top 4 players are freshmen and sophomores, and they take every opportunity to play and improve. They were ridiculously efficient (G/N ratio of 34) and extraordinarily balanced (Littrell number of 2557) during their semifinal run at Alamo. Even in defeat, their three freshmen and one sophomore looked good going 8-0 before losing to the older and more experienced Reagan. Undoubtedly, as they gain more match experience and do more high school level course work, the Savio crew will grow in both knowledge and confidence. This is not good news for their future opponents.

Notable Wins:                         None
HSNCT Qualified:                   (1) Alamo

11. St. Thomas (Fall: 15.75 BC; Kickoff: 17.45 BC, 2.4 PPG)

Sophomore program St. Thomas defeated higher-ranked teams from both Seven Lakes and Bellaire at ACF Fall. Junior Sergio Segura forms a potent trio with sophomores Josef Lawrence and Joseph Nemec.. Without Sergio at Kickoff, Nemec and Lawrence struggled to a 2-5 record in Division I at Kickoff, while the William Sage and Adam Lawrence-led all-freshmen St. Thomas B team went 7-1 in Division II. If St. Thomas is able to find a consistent fourth contributor, and its large freshman contingent gives it options, then this crew could be a dangerous squad (at the highest levels) for years to come.

Notable Wins:                         Seven Lakes (290-280, Fall), Bellaire (245-230, Fall)
HSNCT Qualified:                   (0)

10. Clements (Kickoff: 18.43 BC, 3.9 PPG)

Clements burst onto the scene a year ago with a 1-2 finish at the 2012 Bayou City Challenge. They have been sporadic attendees at TQBA events since, and have many quality players available to field on any given Saturday. At Kickoff, a pair of Clements teams just missed qualifying for the 2014 HSNCT after running into Harmony and Seven Lakes in the quarterfinals. Their BC, PPG, and balance were all solid. If there is one critique of their game, their efficiency (G/N of 5.38) could be improved.

Notable Wins:                         Debakey (310-215, Kickoff), St. Thomas (310-145, Kickoff)
HSNCT Qualified:                   (0)

9. Keystone (Alamo: 18.08 BC, 4.5 PPG)

San Antonio’s Keystone School has been playing Quiz Bowl for less than a year. Outstanding senior Drew Schaffer, who individually averaged 3.1 PPG at Alamo, leads this private school squad. His underclassmen teammates combined to contribute another 1.4 PPG and a team bonus conversion of 18.08. How Schaffer and friends would match up against the Houston and Dallas teams ahead of them in this list is anyone’s guess. The played a close match against #5 Reagan in the Alamo final, and one could easily imagine them finding two additional tossups and reversing that result.

Notable Wins:                         None
HSNCT Qualified:                   (1) Alamo

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