Teams 5-8 (11/28/13)

November 28, 2013 Rankings

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8. St. Mark’s (Kickoff: 20.00 BC, 4.5 PPG)

Part of the challenge with rating the St. Mark’s squad is that we have such a small sample size. St. Mark’s was unable to come to ACF Fall, and there are limited big-field events in the fall. Have no doubt, what we have seen of the Dallas private school is impressive; 20.00 BC is a quality number from a team that at Kickoff featured a student from each grade. Senior Luke Munson led the team in powers and points, and freshman Patrick Magee is likely a future star. One possible concern with this group is its efficiency; their G/N number 5.06 is a bit low for a team of this quality.

Coach Paul Mlakar has a number of options with his group. His B team won Division II at Kickoff behind solid contributions from Burke Garza, Tim O’Meara and a pair of freshmen; their C team finished in the middle of the Division II pack. Watch out for a Magee-led St. Mark’s team at TQBA Freshman Championship in April; St. Mark’s might have the best group of freshmen in the state.

Notable Wins:             Debakey (305-260, Kickoff), LASA C (335-215, Kickoff)
HSNCT Quals:             (1) Kickoff

7. Village (Fall 16.44; Kickoff: 19.24; 4.9 PPG)

Erin Dindoruk is in his third year as one of the top scorers at TQBA events, but in his first two campaigns, he had little help and Village struggled, as most one-man teams do, against tough competition. The quality performances by freshmen Ryan Quach and Rohith Karur were key at ACF Fall. The pair got 4 tossups against Seven Lakes. The calculus of the scenario is simple. Without those tossups, they fall short. With those tossups, they registered their most impressive win of the fall. One concern moving forward is negs. At both Kickoff and Fall, Village had efficiency ratios (G/N) under 5. A good team would like to see this number fall between 6 and 12.

Notable Wins:               Seven Lakes (350-200, Fall), St. Thomas (310-195, Fall)
HSNCT Quals:              (1) Kickoff

6. Bellaire (Fall 18.44 BC; Kickoff: 19.56 BC, 5.3 PPG)

At Kickoff, Bellaire’s two best players, Patrick Girardet and Ridge Liu, led the A/B squads respectively and earned two HSNCT bids in the process. Both split Bellaire teams finished slightly behind St. Mark’s in BC, but the Ridge Liu team was better in powers per game and both squads had fewer negs per game.

Though the Liu-Girardet team at ACF Fall fell short of expectations (finishing at the top of the third playoff group), this squad has immense potential. Given their Kickoff stats, we have to wonder about how potent the full Bellaire team (with Lucian Liu) might be. The split teams at Kickoff were very efficient and had strong bonus conversions. Would a combined team have been able to overcome Henry Hawthorn’s extraordinary individual performance for Harmony in the Kickoff final? We hope to find out this winter and spring.

Notable Wins:             Seven Lakes (330-325, Kickoff), Village (255-245, Kickoff),
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbLASA C (300-165, Fall), St. Dominic Savio (355-85, Fall)
HSNCT Quals:             (2) Kickoff

5. Reagan (Alamo: 19.96 BC; 6.6 PPG)
TQBC Qualified at Alamo

Like Harmony, Ronald Reagan High School is a central Texas success story. Their senior foursome, led by Canzhi Ye and Carson Casey, started playing just 2 years ago. Kirby Whitehead’s squad has emerged as one of the best groups in Texas. They went undefeated at Alamo with extraordinary balance (Littrell number of 2813), a solid BC (19.96), and a healthy PPG (6.6). We will learn more as the season progresses and when this group faces other top squads.

Along with LASA and St. John’s, Reagan has one of the deepest programs. Three of the four teams they fielded at Alamo finished with bonus conversions of higher than 16.50. Twenty players have played at events this season, including freshman Michael Lange, who averaged more than a power per game in his first IS-set varsity event.

Notable Wins:             LASA C (225-120, MFT), Keystone (310-215, Alamo)
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbSt. Dominic Savio (360-210, Alamo)
HSNCT Quals:            (3) Alamo

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