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November 28, 2013 Rankings

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Honorable Mentions

Greenhill School (Dallas)

Despite the absence of leading scorer Drew Singer, a team of one freshman and three eighth graders from the Dallas private school earned a bid to the High School National Championship tournament at Alamo. The team put up a respectable 10.68 BC with 15 powers over 8 games against varsity competition on varsity level questions before falling to eventual tournament winner Reagan. With Singer, the team decisively won the middle school division of the Metroplex Challenge.

Carnegie Vanguard (Houston)

Houston ISD’s Carnegie Vanguard is new to Texas Quiz Bowl this year; the team is mostly comprised of former players from T.H. Rogers middle school. Although it was missing leading scorer Ishaan Chatterjee, the school placed a strong third at Bayou City (behind Taylor and Seven Lakes). With Chatterjee, it finished 2nd in Division II at Kickoff after falling to St. Mark’s in the final.

16. Cinco Ranch (Kickoff: 14.19 BC, 2.0 PPG)

Freshman Amol Patil played Kickoff solo as an unsponsored Cinco Ranch team. For a solo freshman, 14.19 BC and 2.0 PPG are good stats. Last spring at Rodeo and Bluebonnet, underclassmen Cinco Ranch squads had respectable 14.00 BC and 1.0 PPG stats. Adding Amol to that Cinco squad is likely to push Cinco to the neighborhood of 18.00 BC and 3 PPG.

Notable Wins:                         St. Thomas (270-200, Kickoff)
HSNCT Qualified:                  (0)

15. Cistercian Prep (No Stats)

The perennial Texas power Cistercian Prep (Irving) graduated all four members of its 2013 top-10 HSNCT squad. The 2014 squad has not yet played any events in the Lone Star State though a David Losson-led Cistercian squad did win at L.L. Lewis Cup in Oklahoma in September with 5.2 powers per game and 23.36 BC on an IS-129A. Like Taylor, this squad will probably be ranked higher in our winter power rankings.

Notable Wins:                         None
HSNCT Qualified:                   (2) L.L. Lewis Cup (Oklahoma)

 14. Katy James E. Taylor (No Stats)
TQBC Qualified at Bayou

A three-man Katy Taylor squad won the Bayou City Challenge at Harmony earlier this fall, posting 7.44 PPG and 24.57 BC on an A-set. This team should probably be ranked higher, but we lack data on an IS-set to justify a higher ranking at this time. Max Huang and Eric Liu are a good 1-2 underclassman combo with great potential, but this season, the contributions of their 3 and 4 players will determine how high up the rankings they could climb.

Notable Wins:                         St. Thomas (490-155, Bayou)
HSNCT Qualified:                  (0)

13. Debakey (Kickoff: 18.39 BC, 3.4 PPG)

Debakey is perhaps the most enigmatic of this group. The school burst onto the scene last year with a victory at Bexar Bowl, finished with a solid 5-5 at the 2013 HSNCT, and returned this year to claim an early spot in the 2014 HSNCT with a quarterfinals appearance at Kickoff. On the other hand, Debakey has no program depth; its all-senior B and C squads floundered in Division II at Kickoff. Without the promise of improving younger players, Debakey has to be ranked below the two promising young programs ahead of it.

Notable Wins:                         St. Dominic Savio (350-75, Fall)
HSNCT Qualified:                  (1) Kickoff

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