Power Rankings

November 28, 2013 Rankings

Teams 13-16          Teams 9-12          Teams 5-8          Teams 1-4

Periodically the Texas Quiz Bowl staff will compile Texas power rankings for the quiz bowl squads in the Lone Star state . Each school in this ranking was assessed and rated based on the overall strength of its entire program. The quality of a school’s top team and the strength of all its other teams are considered.

Average Points Per Bonus (BC) statistics at designated events are listed parenthetically for each team. Selected notable match victories against other teams in the power rankings are cited along with qualifications for both the 2014 NAQT High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) and the 15th annual Texas Quiz Bowl Championship (TQBC). The abbreviation PPG refers to powers per game. Littrell Number refers to a measure of individual scoring balance that is described in the Buzzmetrics feature from March 2013.

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