In addition to our standard event announcements and results posting, from time to time the TQBA staff will post features about quiz bowl. These features include theoretical reflections on the game, analysis of the teams who compete, links to outside media related to quiz bowl, and opinion articles regarding our views on the role of quiz bowl in a greater context. We hope you appreciate and enjoy these features. If you have any suggestions for future features (or would like to try your hand at writing a feature) please contact cromero-at-texasquizbowl-dot-org.

12/08/13: Wacky Tournament Stories by Chris Romero
12/08/13: Buzzer Beaters by Chris Romero
11/28/13: Fall Texas Power Rankings: 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16 by Staff
11/18/13: The Rise of Texas by Dylan Davidson
05/28/13: For LASA, a long time coming by Steve Fontenot 
05/19-23/13: 2013 HSNCT Preview: San AntonioDallasAustinHouston, Overall 
05/18/13: 2013 HSNCT Preview: 2012 Review by Staff
03/24/13: National Power Rankings: March 2013 by Staff
03/11/13: Buzzermetrics: Learning from Quiz Bowl Statistics by Chris Romero

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