Distributions are the categorizations of questions for different brands of questions used at Texas Quiz Bowl Events. Teams can cater their strategies to prepare to succeed in different levels and types of events.

NAQT Distributions (Used at most TQBA events)

Standard mACF/HSAPQ distribution (numbers are tossups/bonuses per packet)

  • 5/5 Literature: American, British, European, World
  • 5/5 History: American, European, World
  • 5/5 Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Other Science (Mathematics, Computer Science, Earth Science, Astronomy)
  • 3/3 Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Other Arts (Sculpture, Classic Film, Opera, Architecture, Ballet)
  • 5/5 RMPSSG: Religion, Mythology, Philosophy, Social Science, Geography
  • 1/1 Trash: Pop Music, TV, Film, Sports

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