01/16 Prep Bowl XLII

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Registered Schools (Bellarmine/Gonzaga/Faber) (19/12/19):

  • Annunciation Orthodox (0/2/2)
  • Corpus Christi (1/0/0)
  • Harmony Excellence (0/1/2)
  • Kinkaid (0/0/5)
  • League City (2/0/0)
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe (2/0/0)
  • Regis (2/0/0)
  • Rogers (0/3/0)
  • St. Anne (2/0/0)
  • St. Anthony of Padua (1/0/0)
  • St. Clare (1/0/0)
  • St. Helen (0/0/2)
  • St. John’s (0/4/1)
  • St. Laurence (2/0/0)
  • St. Michael’s (1/0/0)
  • St. Thomas Episcopal (1/0/4)
  • St. Thomas More (1/0/0)
  • St. Vincent de Paul (2/0/0)
  • Village (0/2/3)
  • Westbrook (1/0/0)

Texas Quiz Bowl is pleased to announce that we will host the 42nd annual Strake Jesuit Prep Bowl on January 16, 2016. This tournament will feature two middle school divisions
(Bellarmine & Gonzaga) and one elementary division (Faber) will be contested on NAQT questions, MS-17.

Location & Parking
The contest will be held in the STEM Building  (#14) on the Strake Jesuit campus. Parking will be available in the parking lot to the Lilly Auxilary Field House (#21). To arrive at this parking lot, turn west onto George Drive (opposite Clarewood Drive) off of Gessner. The parking lot will be to your right and the STEM building will be to your left as you drive west on George Drive.

8:00 to 8:45 Check-in on 2nd floor of STEM building
8:45 to 9:00 Opening meeting @ Parsley Center
9:15 to 1:30 Preliminary Rounds 1 through 8 @ STEM
1:30 to 2:45 Lunch @ Moran Dining Hall
2:45 t0 2:55 Playoff Announcement @ Moran Dining Hall
3:00 to 6:00 Playoff Rounds 9 through 14 @ STEM

Matches & Format
Each team will play 6 preliminary matches at this event. The top 24 middle school teams and the top 12 elementary teams will advance to a single elimination playoff. Each match will feature two halves with 10 tossup/bonus pairs each. The team with the higher score at the end of the 20 tossups will be declared the winner of each match. Any ties during the preliminary rounds will stand. Playoff ties will be resolved with a sudden death tossup. This tournament will be contested with questions from NAQT middle school set IS-17 (prelims for all, playoffs for elementary) and IS-151A (playoffs for middle school). A sample of questions like those that will be used at this event are available at this link.

Morning Snacks
From 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. all Prep Bowl participants and chaperons are invited to partake in morning snacks on the first floor in the STEM building. Please note that students may not bring open drinks or snacks into any classroom or the Parsley center.

Lunch & Afternoon Snacks
Teams may pre-order pizza ($12 per one topping large) at the morning check-in. Drinks and snacks will be sold beginning at 10 a.m. for $1 per item. From 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. free morning refreshments will be available for all students and adults.

The first teams from any school new to Texas Quiz Bowl events play in this tournament for free. The flat registration fee for all other teams is $100 per team. Each team is expected to provide a fully-function buzzer lockout system for the event. A $20 fee shall be added for any team unable to provide a buzzer. If your team is unable to pay the registration fee to this event, please contact Dr. Romero (cromero@strakejesuit.org) to request a (full or partial) fee waver.

The top middle school teams from this event will qualify to attend the 2016 NAQT Middle School National Championship tournament in Atlanta. We anticipate that 8 teams will qualify, however, this number is dependent on the total number of teams which participate in the event. The top teams in both divisions at this event will qualify to attend the 2016 TQBA Middle Grades Championships. This event will be held in April in Houston.

Strake Jesuit Students: C.Chaftari, Doyle, Epley, Neyland,Athaide, Knowles, Price, Collaco,Ho, Kitigback
Strake Jesuit Eligible Readers:  Harris, Broussard, Hew, Bonilla
High School Students: Linda Yu, Smaran Garlapati, Adamya Srinivasan, Manith Luthria, Kundagrami, Kapur
TD: Ewbank, Lacamu, Romero
Adults: Garza, Hanks, Rduch, Ayoub, Wilson