12/14 HoHoHo VI

Registered Teams

Division I: 24

  1. Awty (1)
  2. Bellaire (2)
  3. Belton (1)
  4. Cinco Ranch (1)
  5. Cistercian (2)
  6. Clements (1)
  7. Debakey (1)
  8. Greenhill (1)
  9. Harmony (2)
  10. LASA (3)
  11. **Lone Stars (1)
  12. St. Dominic Savio (1)
  13. St. Mark’s (2)
  14. St. Thomas (1)
  15. Seven Lakes (2)
  16. Village (1)
  17. Westside (1)

Division II: 18

  1. Awty (1)
  2. Belton (1)
  3. Carnegie Vanguard (1)
  4. Cistercian (1)
  5. Clements (1)
  6. Klein (1)
  7. Mayde Creek (1)
  8. Parish (1)
  9. St. Dominic Savio (1)
  10. St. Thomas (1)
  11. Seven Lakes (2)
  12. Temple (2)
  13. Village (1)
  14. YES Prep SE (3)
Readers: Benefiel, DeGuzman, Fontenot, Kwartler, Morris, Pellowski, Romero, Price, Hanks, Ajayi, Ayoub, Prieto, Yeung, Cozzi.
Control: Durgin, Gluskin

Preview History Bee

Texas Quiz Bowl recently announced that it has partnered with National History Bowl to bring History events to Texas in 2014. At HoHoHo, we will be hosting a special preview History Bee. Up to 48 students (a maximum of 2 per team) who are playing at HoHoHo may sign up to participate in the four round history bee. Each player is guaranteed at least two rounds of bee participation. The entry fee for the bee is $20 per student. The top 5 students in the bee will receive awards.

History Bee Signups:

  1. Hien Piotrowski (2014)
  2. Santiago Botto-Tornielli (2014)
  3. Eleazar Camez (2017)
  4. Nicholas Isakson (2017)
  5. Daniel Jilek (2017)
  6. Amol Patil (2017)
  7. Erik Fisher (2014)

General Details

Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance invites you to compete in the sixth annual Houston Holiday Hoedown on December 14, 2013, at YES Prep Southeast. This tournament is open to all Texas secondary schools and will feature two distinct divisions intended for experienced and novice teams respectively. The registration fee for all teams is $125 per team with a $35 buzzer discount available.

This event will be directed by TQBA director Chris Romero. Teams should register via email to romeroc-at-gmail-dot-com. This tournament will feature two Divisions. Division II is intended for novice varsity players. Please contact Chris Romero if you wish to inquire about your team’s eligibility for Division II. Each team in this contest should expect 6 preliminary matches and at least one match in a single elimination playoff.

Quiz Bowl is a academics-based game in which two teams of four students compete to answer questions about math, science, history, literature, religion, and arts. Students buzz in to answer tossup questions and correct tossup responses are rewarded with an opportunity to answer 3 bonus questions that cannot be stolen by the opposing team. The team with the most points after 20 tossup-bonus pairs is the winner.

Registration will open at 8 a.m. We will have a brief meeting at 8:45 and start our first matches around 9:15 a.m. Each team will play at least 6 matches. Pizza will be available for pre-order on tournament morning and drinks and concessions will be available during a 30-minute lunch break after round 6. The tournament will conclude with a single elimination phase to determine a champion.

At this event schools earn points towards qualifying to participate in the 2014 Texas Quiz Bowl State Championship. The winning team at this tournament will qualify for 15th annual Texas Quiz Bowl State Championship. At least the top 8 teams will qualify to attend the High School National Championship Tournament in Chicago.

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