04/05 TQBA XV Championships

The 15th annual Texas Quiz Bowl Championship will be contested on April 5, 2014 at Trinity University in San Antonio. This event will feature a Division I tournament, a Division II tournament, and a section of individual contests.  For further information, please contact sfontenot@texasquizbowl.org.

General Schedule
8:00 a.m. Check-in at Northrup Hall
8:40 to 9:10 Individual Tests
8:50 to 9:10 Opening Coaches Meeting
9:20 to 1:00 Rounds 1 through 7
1:00 to 2:00 Lunch
2:00 to 4:00 Rounds 8 through 11
4:15 Awards Ceremony
4:30 Division I Final
5:00 All-Star Game

Parking instructions

You will be arriving from the northeast corner of the map below, travelling Hildebrand westbound from 281. Teams are encouraged to park in the lots labeled A and B. Northrup Hall is nearest the A lot.


Division I Championship

Teams may qualify for Division I by either winning one of TQBA’s regular season events or qualifying as a wildcard via victory points earned at TQBA regular-season events. This tournament will involve a preliminary group phase with two groups of eight, followed by a re-bracket and four cross-bracket games. It is open to only one team per qualifying school barring extraordinary circumstances. Registration for the state tournament, which includes buffet lunch for 5 at the Trinity University Cafeteria, is $200.

Attending (16):

  • Belton (roster of 5)
  • Cinco Ranch
  • Clark
  • DeBakey
  • Harmony North Austin (roster of 6)
  • Keystone
  • LASA Mulberry
  • LASA Plum
  • LASA Aubergine
  • MacArthur (roster of 6)
  • Reagan
  • St. John’s
  • St. Mark’s
  • St. Thomas
  • Seven Lakes (roster of 6)
  • Village (roster of 5)

Division II Championship

Running concurrent with the Division I championship at Trinity will be our first Division II Championship, eligible to squads meeting our youth standard: The sum of the grade years (9-10-11-12) of the four players must not exceed 40. Rosters are subject to approval by TQBA executives. The event is capped at 12 teams; priority will be given to teams from unique schools before multiples are admitted. Each team will play 6 preliminary matches before being seeded into a single elimination playoff bracket. Registration for the Division II tournament, which includes buffet lunch for 5 at the Trinity University Cafeteria, is $150.

Attending (12):

  • Brandeis
  • Carnegie Vanguard
  • Champion
  • John Jay (roster of 6)
  • Katy Taylor (roster of 6)
  • North Hills Prep
  • Shepton (roster of 5)
  • St. Dominic Savio
  • St. Thomas
  • Temple
  • Village (roster of 5)
  • Warren (roster of 5)

Individual Subject Championships

For the first time in 2014, Texas Quiz Bowl will offer individual subject championships in coordination with its team championship. The tests will be FREE and open to all participants in either Division I or Division II. The subject matter for the four tests will be: Geography, Humanities, Social Studies, and Science. Each test will be a 30 minute, 6o-item multiple choice examination. The top three students on each test from each division will be recognized. Each team may register a maximum of two students per test.

Individual test registrants:

Humanities (19)
Brody Grogan, Belton
Eleazar Camez, St. Dominic Savio
Tory Songyang, Carnegie Vanguard
Nathan Sawyer, Warren
Katie Mansfield, Keystone
Delaynie Fritz, Harmony
Henry Hawthorn, Harmony
Ryan Quach, Village
Aaron Keller, Village
Patrick Magee, St. Mark’s
Dominic Dorsa, MacArthur
Chris Wong, DeBakey
Megan Langas, John Jay
Carlo DeGuzman, St. John’s
Ethan Russo, LASA
Jacqueline Mellin, Clark
Maitreya Movva, North Hills Prep
Xiao Cai, Seven Lakes
Adesh Thapliyal, Seven Lakes

Social Studies (27)
Paul Rutherford, Shepton
Akash Kakkilaya, Shepton
Matthew Kondratt, Belton
Daniel Jilek, St. Dominic Savio
Patrick Lahey, St. Dominic Savio
Ishaan Chatterjee, Carnegie Vanguard
Kieran Rogow, Warren
Hana Kapasi, Keystone
Alirageh Barreh, Harmony
Brian Nardone, Harmony
Erin Dindoruk, Village
Felipe Lobe-Koerich, Village
Max Huang, Katy Taylor
Luke Munson, St. Mark’s
Canzhi Ye, Reagan
Sam Lin, Reagan
Ryan Gonzalez, MacArthur
Hien Piotrowski, DeBakey
Ben Jones, LASA
Ben Gaytan, Clark
Sergio Segura, St. Thomas
Joseph Nemec, St. Thomas
Adam Lawrence, St. Thomas
Ted Birkofer, St. Thomas
Arthur Rankin, Seven Lakes
Aniket Joshi, Seven Lakes
Erik Fisher, Cinco Ranch

Geography (20)
Reyhan Sinha, Shepton
Andrei Savitski, Carnegie Vanguard
Erin Brieg, Warren
Joseph Hojecki, Warren
Nabil Kapasi, Keystone
Trevor Reed, Belton
Rohith Karur, Village
Anna Kasradze, Village
Brent Weisberg, St. Mark’s
Ben Oliver, Brandeis
Nathan Corbin, Brandeis
Grayson Magnuson, MacArthur
Brett Skogman, MacArthur
Michael Wisniewski, John Jay
George Davies, St. John’s
Josh Baize, Clark
Anton Poral, St. Thomas
Shamikh Hossain, North Hills Prep
Sameer Suresh, Seven Lakes
Aditya Sudhakar, Cinco Ranch

Science/Math (29)
Arjun Singh, Shepton
Joseph Hsu, Shepton
Grace Isakson, St. Dominic Savio
Carlos Sosa, Carnegie Vanguard
Darius Pionek, Warren
Stephen Chen, Brandeis
Pranjal Singh, Brandeis
Peter Wofford, Harmony
Arvind Bala, Harmony
Nicholas Vaporciyan, Village
Vishal Puppala, Village
Oishik Saha, Katy Taylor
Tim O’Meara, St. Mark’s
Tristan Pace, MacArthur
Bradley Schott, MacArthur
Vi Nguyen, DeBakey
Sawan Dalal, DeBakey
Marco Longoria, John Jay
Deven Lahoti, St. John’s
Corin Wagen, LASA
Kevin Choy, Clark
Josef Lawrence, St. Thomas
William Sage, St. Thomas
Zuhair Mohammed, North Hills Prep
Shafaat Ahsen, North Hills Prep
Vinay Gajula, St. John’s
Andrew Ni, Cinco Ranch
Amol Patil, Cinco Ranch
Andi Qi, Seven Lakes

Room Staff (15): Ayoub, Barnes, Durgin, Fontenot, Hall, Linz, Nance, Pargeter, Pinchbeck, Price, Rduch, Russell, Smith, Sonnier, Ugolini
Logistics (3): Romero, Prieto, Ajayi
Scorekeeping: APO 8, Savio 1
Stats: Ewbank, Stegenga
Photo: Dumothier
Hotel: Ajayi, Ayoub, Barnes, Dumothier, Durgin, Ewbank, Hall, Linz, Pinchbeck, Price, Prieto, Romero, Stegenga

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