Why Quiz Bowl?

Here is a brief list of just some of the reasons why students play quiz bowl.

1. Quiz Bowl is fun. Learning has always been fun and quiz bowl represents an opportunity to learn. Quiz Bowl is inherently an exciting game. The majority of matches are not decided until the last few tossups and many games hinge on whether a team can convert the last bonus.

2. Quiz Bowl is competitive. Everyone loves to compete but not every plays football, basketball, or baseball. Quiz Bowl provides the opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush of competition to every high school student.

3. Quiz Bowl is dynamic. Quiz Bowl is not a test. Too many academic competitions require students to take a test and wait for graders to determine winners. Quiz Bowl feedback is real-time, immediate, and visceral. There are no graders and there is no wait.

4. Quiz Bowl requires teamwork. No student is an island and one man-teams don’t win in the long run. The best teams are always well-balanced. Quiz Bowl encourages students specialize rather than generalize.

5. Quiz Bowl challenges. Even the strongest of students need to be challenged. Quiz Bowl provides an outlet for the student who takes all the honors classes but yet is not sated by the scholastic experience.

6. Quiz Bowl expands horizons. Our standard secondary curriculum does not cover every subject. Quiz Bowl students can learn about jazz, architecture, aztec mythology, japanese literature, and opera.

7. Quiz Bowl is fast paced and requires quick thinking. Playing quiz bowl helps students think faster and enables them to develop and practice the split second critical thinking skills that are essential to the success of every professional.

8. Quiz Bowl develops listening skills. If you don’t listen carefully in a quiz bowl match you miss essential clues. Honed listening skills help quiz bowl students excel later on standardized tests and at the most competitive universities.

9. Quiz Bowl makes connections. Answering questions requires more than binary memorization. Students must laterally think through the series of cognitive contexts. Quick recognition of implied contexts is imperative for development of the on-your-feet decision making that characterizes every good quiz bowl team.

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