Science Quiz Bowl

Texas Quiz Bowl is making plans for Science Quiz Bowl question sets for 2014-2015. The tournaments will be held on November 8th and 15th in Houston and Dallas, respectively. Question topics will include Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computation, Earth Science, Environmental Science, General Science, Mathematics, Plants & Animals, Physics, Popular Science, Science History, Social Science, Statistics, and Technology.

Please contact Chris Romero at cromero-at-texasquizbowl-dot-org if you are interested.

Basic Science Bowl Match and Tournament Format:

  1. Each team will play at least 7 matches, 6 preliminary matches at least one match in a seeded a single elimination playoff bracket.
  2. Each match will include 20 tossups that are open to both teams.
  3. Each tossup will have the possibility of three point values: 15 for an early correct response, -5 for interrupting the question with an incorrect response, or 10.
  4. Each team has only one opportunity to attempt to answer each tossup.
  5. Each correct tossup answer will earn a team the unique opportunity to answer three bonus questions (worth 10 points each).
  6. Bonus questions may not be stolen by the opposing team.

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