Fall Events Calendar

Here is a list of Texas Quiz Bowl events for this fall. Please note that these events are currently linked to blank event pages. We will fill in details on each event page shortly. You may register for events via the NAQT links on the right of each event. If you have any general questions, please tqbamail-at-gmail-dot-com.

Middle School/Elementary
Sep 23 [DAL] Hornet Hullabaloo III @ Greenhill (MS/HS) (MS-23, IS-167A) [Register]
Sep 23 [AUS] Falcon Fest III @ Fulmore (MS/JV) (MS-23, IS-167A) [Register]
Oct 07 [HOU] Viking Invasion @ Village (MS-23) [Register]
Nov 04 [HOU] Prep Bowl XLIV @ Strake Jesuit (MS) (MS-24, IS-169A) [Register]
Nov 11 [HOU] Science Challenge I @ TBA [Register]
Nov 18 [SAN] Rattler Rally @ Reagan (MS/HS) (MS-24, IS-169A) [Register]
Dec 02 [DAL] Greenhill Games @ Greenhill (MS/HS) (MS-24, IS-171A) [Register]
Dec 10 [HOU] Holiday Hoedown @ TBA (MS) (IS-171A) [Register]

High School
Sep 16 [HOU] Bayou City Jamboree @ St. Thomas (IS-167A) [Register]
Sep 23 [DAL] Hornet Hullabaloo III @ Greenhill  (MS-23, IS-167A) [Register]
Sep 23 [AUS] Falcon Fest III @ Fulmore (JV) (MS-23, IS-167A) [Register]
Sep 30 [COR] Sparkling City IV @ Flour Bluff (IS-167A) [Register]
Oct 14 [HOU] Kickoff Classic XIII @ Seven Lakes (IS-168) [Register]
Oct 17 [BMT] Boomtown Bash @ Monsignor Kelly (IS-167A) [Register]
Oct 21 [SAN] Alamo City VII @ MacArthur (IS-168) [Register]
Oct 21 [DAL] Panther Pageant II @ Parish (IS-168) [Register]
Nov 04 [HOU] Prep Bowl XLIV @ Strake Jesuit (JV) (MS-24, IS-169A) [Register]
Nov 11 [RGV] Rio Grande Valley Bowl II @ Lamar IB (IS-169A) [Register]
Nov 11 [HOU] Science Challenge I (JV) [Register]
Nov 18 [SAN] Rattler Rally @ Reagan (MS-24, IS-169A) [Register]
Nov 18 [HOU] Owl City @ Rice University [Register]
Dec 02 [DAL] Greenhill Games @ Greenhill (MS/HS) (MS-24, IS-171A) [Register]
Dec 02 [HOU] HoHoHo X @ TBA (IS-170) [Register]
Dec 16 [HOU] Harvard Fall Mirror @ TBA [Register]

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