St. Mark’s School of Texas wins Middle School State!

Congratulations to St. Mark’s for their 265-200 victory over St. John’s in the first game of an advantaged final to win the eighth TQBA Middle Grades Championship. The Lions finished the day 8-2. The four other teams in the finals top bracket all finished 5-4; they were ranked third through sixth by bonus conversion in the following order: Kinkaid, Beckendorff, T.H. Rogers, Greenhill. Kealing and Coppell West finished 7th and 8th overall respectively after finishing 7-3 for the day to top the lower finals bracket.

St. John’s won the Elementary division with a 150-65 victory over Kinkaid B in the final. Beckendorff B won the Open division, beating Rogers B 190-150.

Championship statisticsElementary statistics and Open statistics are available.

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