Regarding the Tournament at St. Mark’s on February 25

Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance (TQBA) has taken the following actions in tandem with the sanctions imposed by National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) stemming from results at an event held at St. Mark’s School of Texas on February 25:

  • The program known as Windhaven Park is indefinitely suspended from competing in TQBA events.
  • Two students participating for the Windhaven Park E team have been permanently banned. The program’s coach has been banned indefinitely. No other Windhaven Park player was implicated.
  • Other students associated with the Windhaven Park program must apply for and be granted reinstatement before they can participate in another TQBA event.

These penalties result from performances at the February 25 event that have been judged both by TQBA and by the questions’ creators, NAQT, to be inconsistent with the players’ previous tournament records.

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