LASA, Carnegie Vanguard persevere for TQBA titles


The Liberal Arts & Science Academy (Austin) is the 2014 TQBA state champion after consecutive victories in a disadvantaged final against St. John’s, the second of which came by a 410-190 scoreline. Both teams started the day with 10-0 records before meeting in the final round of the preliminaries. In that match St. John’s (Houston) pulled out a 335-305 victory behind leading tournament scorer Carlo DeGuzman’s 90-point game (Full Division I stats are available here).  LASA rebounded from the loss with a pair of decisive wins, behind 65-point games by Ben Jones and Alex Freed, to earn its fourth Texas Quiz Bowl Championship. Full photo gallery of both events is available here.


TQBA’s first-ever Division II championship went to Carnegie Vanguard (Houston), following a 300-210 victory in the third match of its its final series with St. Dominic Savio (Austin). At the end of preliminaries, Savio held a one game advantage over both Carnegie and St. Thomas (Houston). Carnegie won the tiebreaker and then pulled out two tight games to become an improbable Division II Champion. Max Huang from Taylor (Katy) was the leading Division II scorer. Full Division II stats are available here.


Third place in Division I went to LASA Mulberry, while Harmony (North Austin), Seven Lakes (Katy) and St. Mark’s (Dallas) tied for fourth, finishing in that order when seeded by bonus conversion. Third place in Division II went to St. Thomas followed in the standings by Taylor, Brandeis (San Antonio), and Shepton (Plano). 


For the first time in 2014, the Texas Quiz Bowl Championships event featured individual assessments in Geography, Humanities, Science, and Social Studies. Each test was an 60-item 30-minute multiple choice examination featuring clues that might appear in quiz bowl tossups.

Top scorers in Division I were: Nabil Kapasi (Keystone), Carlo DeGuzman (St. John’s), Deven Lahoti (St. John’s), and Ben Jones (LASA) for Geography, Humanities, Science, and Social Studies respectively. Top scorers in Division II were: Nathan Corbin (Brandeis)/Andrei Savitski (Carnegie), Aaron Keller (Village), Pranjal Singh (Brandeis), and Paul Rutherford (Shepton) in the four subjects. A full account of scores for the individual assessments can be found here.

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TQBA Championships Updates!

We are nearing the end of round 7 at the 15th annual Texas Quiz Bowl Championships in San Antonio. Here are the D1 results after round 7 and D2 results after round 7.

D1 Group A D1 Group B
  1. LASA Plum 7-0
  2. Harmony 6-1
  3. Seven Lakes 4-3
  4. LASA Aubergine 4-3
  5. Reagan 3-4
  6. Debakey 3-4
  7. Cinco 1-6
  8. MacArthur 0-7
  1. St. John’s 7-0
  2. LASA Mulberry 6-1
  3. St. Mark’s 5-2
  4. Keystone 4-3
  5. St. Thomas 3-4
  6. Village 2-5
  7. Belton 1-6
  8. Clark 0-7
D2 Group A D2 Group B
  1. St. Thomas 4-1
  2. Carnegie 4-1
  3. Taylor 3-2
  4. Village 2-3
  5. Jay 1-4
  6. Warren 1-4
  1. St. Dominic Savio 5-0
  2. Brandeis 4-1
  3. Shepton 3-2
  4. North Hill 1-4
  5. Champion 1-4
  6. Temple 1-4
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Individual Assessment Results from State

Today 28 teams are participating in the 15th annual Texas Quiz Bowl Championships event at Trinity University in San Antonio. Before the quiz bowl matches got under way, 96 student sat for individual assessments in Geography, Humanities, Social Studies, and Science. Here are the top scorers for each.

1. Nabil Kapasi, Keystone, 33
2. Nathan Corbin, Brandeis, 32 (Div II)
2. Andrei Savitski, Carnegie, 32 (Div II)
4. Forrest Hammel, LASA,  31
5. Sameer Suresh, Seven Lakes, 28
5. Alex Denko, LASA, 28
5. Brent Weisberg, St. Mark’s, 28
8. George Davies, St. John’s, 27
8. Rohith Karur, Village, 27
10. Aditya Sudhakar, Cinco, 24
11. Joshua Baize, Clark, 23
12. Anton Poral, St. Thomas, 23 (Div II)

1. Carlo DeGuzman, St. John’s, 43
2. Henry Hawthorn, Harmony, 40
2. Ethan Russo, LASA, 40
4. Adesh Thapliyal, Seven Lakes, 36
5. Patrick Magee, St. Mark’s, 32
6. Delaynie Fritz, Harmony, 30
7. Aaron Keller, Village, 25 (Div II)
7. Megan Langas, Jay, 25
9. Katie Mansfield, Keystone, 23
9. Ryan Quach, Village, 23
11. Adam Lawrence, St. Thomas, 22 (Div II)
11. Chris Wong, Debakey, 22
13. Eleazar Camez, St. Dominic Savio 19 (Div II)

1. Deven Lahoti, St. John’s, 49
2. Corin Wagen, LASA, 47
3. Vinay Gajula, St. John’s, 41
4. Amol Patil, Cinco Ranch, 40
4. Anthony Qi, Seven Lakes, 40
6. Vi Nyugen, Debakey, 38
6. Andrew Ni, Cinco Ranch, 38
7. Josef Lawrence, St. Thomas, 24
7. Vishal Puppula, Village, 24
9. Tim O’Meara, St. Mark’s 33
9.  Pranjal Singh, Brandeis, 33 (Div II)
9.  Carlos Sosa, Carnegie, 33 (Div II)
12. Grace Isakson, St. Dominic Savio, 32 (Div II)

Social Studies
1. Ben Jones, LASA, 43
2. Ali Barreh, Harmony 38
3. Erin Dindoruk, Village, 34
4. Paul Rutherford, Shepton, 33 (Div II)
5. Erik Fisher, Cinco Ranch, 31
5. Arthur Rankin, Seven Lakes, 31
7. Matthew Kondratt, Belton, 30
7. Benjamin Gayton, Clark, 30
7. Luke Munson, St. Mark’s 30
10. Sam Lin, Reagan, 29
10. Joseph Nemec, St. Thomas, 29 (Div II)
10. Sergio Segura, St. Thomas, 29 (Div II)

Each test was a 30-minute, 60 multiple choice question assessments. The questions included clues like those that appear in quiz bowl tossups.  There was no penalty for guessing and the scores represent the number of correct responses by each student. Texas Quiz Bowl will offer individual assessments at each of its major events (Kickoff, Alamo, HoHoHo, Bexar, Rodeo, Fiesta, Bluebonnet) next season. Study guides for each test will be available next fall.

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Fulmore, Reagan take titles at Fiesta

Hattie Lindell and Connor Heffernan led Fulmore A (pictured below) to a 10-0 run through the Fiesta middle school field, culminating with a 330-170 victory over Holy Family Blue on Saturday at John Jay High School in San Antonio. Full event stats are available here. Our photo gallery is available here.


In the high school division, Reagan’s underclassmen surged late in the day to outlast the field, overwhelming the three-man Clark team (pictured below) in the final.

10153737_631786576875846_583520369_nSeventh-grader Jonathan Shoemaker (right) of runner-up Holy Family Blue was the middle school division’s leading scorer, with 98.5 points per game. Second was Julian Galaz of Bush at 77 PPG. The high school field was led by senior Dominic Dorsa of MacArthur at 63.75 PPG, quickly followed by sophomore Joshua Baize of second-place Clark at 61 PPG.

The all-freshman Brandeis team (pictured below) carried the #1 seed into the playoffs, with only a narrow win over John Jay serving as an early hiccup. But Clark avenged a 270-120 loss to Brandeis in the semifinals, pulling away with a 310-115 victory.


On the opposite side of the bracket, Reagan reached the final with consecutive 110-point wins over St. Dominic Savio and Keystone (pictured below), which like Reagan played without its senior leadership.


The middle school semifinals pitted top-seeded St. Theresa Red (pictured below) against Holy Family Blue and Fulmore against a Rawlinson side that had started the day 1-4. In the end, Rawlinson provided the biggest test of the day for Fulmore, falling 180-150. In the opposite semi, Shoemaker pulled Holy Family past St. Theresa 310-210.


TQBA’s High School State Championship is next weekend at Trinity, while middle school state is April 26 at Southwestern.

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Kealing wins on last tossup; Taylor defends its home turf


The home squad Taylor Blue successfully defended its turf on Saturday at the 2014 edition of the TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl held on Saturday at the Katy school.  Taylor finished its preliminary schedule 5-1 after it dropped a match 315-345 to HISD’s Bellaire High School. As the #3 playoff seed Taylor Blue defeated #14 St. Thomas Episcopal, #6 Village Helix,  and #2 Brandeis to earn a rematch with Bellaire in the final. In that game, the mustang foursome of Eric Liu (2016), Max Huang (2015), Abbas Naqvi (2017), and Siraj Qureshi (2017) scored a 400-245 victory over the trio of Patrick Girardet (2014), Ridge Liu (2014), and Lucian Lu (2016).


Austin’s Kealing Middle School won Bluebonnet’s younger division with a last tossup 330-315 victory over Houston’s Rogers Middle School. The quartet of Graham Stockton (2018), Ryan Russo (2017), Evan Hochstein (2017), and Anna Tutuianu (2017) began the day, like the Taylor Blue squad, with a 5-1 preliminary record. Their loss came to the Kealing Guinea Pigs in the last round of the preliminaries. The playoffs top two seeds #1 Harmony and #2 Guinea Pigs were the semi-finalist victims of the finalists. 


Full statistics for the tournament are available here. TQBA’s next events will be two Fiesta events in San Antonio and Dallas next Saturday. On April 5th, TQBA will host its 15th annual Championship event at Trinity University in San Antonio. On April 26th, TQBA will host is 5th annual Middle School Championship event at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.

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Why TI: Dorman’s Walker on Four Years of Fun Competition

dorman12Dorman’s Tabitha Walker (shown above in the middle, with her 2012 teammates and coach at Texas Invitational III) has the unique distinction of being the first out-of-state player to attend Texas Invitational for four years. We asked her to share some of her thoughts about the competition and its value, and offer advice for future participants.

Q: What makes the Texas Invitational trip worthwhile for out-of-state teams? Is it the early look at nationwide competition? The travelling experience? The event’s general quality? Meeting other competitors?

A: All the above! First of all, TI is a very well-timed tournament; not too close to end of year madness, yet still near enough to work as preparation for HSNCT. It’s no secret that Texas is a powerhouse state, so it’s a given that the field will be incredibly competitive. As for the trip experience, Houston and Rice University are beautiful places to be — definitely check out the Rothko Chapel and House of Pies if you have time!

Q: Do you think the event played a role in shaping you as a player?

A: Definitely. Mental toughness is such an integral part of the game, so making it through 30 matches in three days makes national tournaments seem like a breeze. Plus, the question difficulty pretty much forces you to be okay with not knowing every single answer and accepting that getting half the bonus points is a great result.

Q: What would you tell other teams about attending TI?

A: Bring your A-game. And snacks. This tournament is going to make you question why you ever picked up a buzzer in the first place, so be prepared for a crisis of faith in humanity (and in Chris Romero’s sanity). But if and when you make it out the other side without murdering your teammates or losing your mind completely, you’ll never feel closer as a team. It’s dangerous to play 30 matches in 24 hours alone. Take friends!

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TQBA announces Division 2 Championship


The 15th annual Texas Quiz Bowl Championships that will be hosted at Trinity University in San Antonio will include, for the first time, a division 2 contest and individual championship events. Division 2 is intended for teams who are younger and/or didn’t qualify for Division 1.  Prior to the quiz bowl matches on April 5th, the individual assessments in Geography, Humanities, Social Studies, and Science will be offered for all participants.

Here is a list of top Division 2 performances this season:

Parish Epis.14.39HoHoHoIS-130
Greenhill13.95St. Mark'sIS-132
John Cooper12.40KickoffIS-128
Shepton12.22St. Mark'sIS-132
St. Stephen's11.81KickoffIS-128
Cistercian 10.87HoHoHoIS-130
North Hills Prep10.70St. Mark'sIS-132
St. Thomas10.58KickoffIS-128
St. Mark's 10.39St. Mark'sIS-132
Temple 10.19KickoffIS-128
Seven Lakes 9.30KickoffIS-128
Reagan 9.00AlamoIS-128
FW Country Day8.70St. Mark'sIS-132
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LASA A dominates Texas Invitational!

The nation’s top ranked high school quiz bowl team, Austin’s Liberal Arts & Science Academy won both halves of Texas Quiz Bowl’s annual double tournament this weekend at Rice University in Houston. Seniors Alex Freed, Ben Jones, Nathan Weiser, and Arnav Sastry finished the event with a 26-1 overall record.

In addition to #1 LASA A, this year’s Texas Invitational featured six other teams currently ranked among the nation’s top 20: #2 St. John’s, #6 Western Albemarle (VA), #8 Dorman (SC), #9 LASA B, #11 Northmont (OH), and #19 Detroit Catholic Central (MI). LASA A notched victories against each of those squads over the three-day event; its lone defeat the came versus #2 St. John’s during the double elimination NAQT playoff.

The top 8 finishers from the ACF tournament were: LASA A, St. John’s, LASA B, Detroit Catholic Central, Harmony-North Austin, Dorman, Western Albemarle, and Seven Lakes. The top 8 finishers from the NAQT tournament were: LASA A, LASA B, St. John’s, Seven Lakes, Detroit Catholic Central, Western Albemarle, Dorman, and Northmont. Final statistics for both events will be available soon. Complete ACF Stats are available here. Complete NAQT Stats are available here.

Alex Freed, Nathan Weiser, Ben Jones, and Arnav Sastry from LASA A

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TI ACF Preliminary Results

All ACF teams should report back to Rice at 8 a.m. for the first scheduled game of the playoff rounds. Final preliminary statistics are not yet available from Saturday. Please check-in at Humanities 117 for playoffs seeds in the morning.

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Texas Invitational NAQT Preliminary Results

After 7 preliminary rounds, the seeds for tomorrow’s double elimination playoff are as follows:

  1. LASA A
  2. Dorman
  3. LASA B
  4. St. John’s
  5. W. Albemarle
  6. Seven Lakes
  7. DCC
  8. Northmont
  9. Astros
  10. Harmony
  11. Bellaire
  12. Rangers
  13. St. Mark’s
  14. Culver
  15. St. Thomas
  16. Debakey

Full preliminary NAQT statistics are available at this link. Cinco Ranch, Village, and LASA C have been eliminated from the playoffs and will play consolation matches on Saturday. The following Round 8 matches will start promptly at 8 a.m.

Room H227: LASA A v Debakey
Room H117: Northmont v Astros
Room H118: St. John’s v St. Mark’s
Room R123: W. Albemarle v Rangers
Room H327: Dorman v St. Thomas
Room H226: DCC v Harmony
Room R106: LASA B v Culver
Room H328: Seven Lakes v Bellaire
Room R121: Cinco Ranch v. LASA C

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