Camp photos, stats now available

With the 2014 Texas Quiz Bowl Camp behind us, we’re preparing for another season of tournaments for all age groups. But there are a few things left to wrap up from camp:

Statistics are available from the evening tournaments on SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday and Friday, along with our VCU Open Mirror from Saturday.

Dominic Romano participates in evening competition.

Also, three galleries (1, 2, 3) containing nearly 1,500 photos have been posted to our Facebook site.

Finally, we’d like to congratulate our three iPad winners: Sam Lin from Reagan, Trevor Binford from LASA and Ethan Gan-Dy from St. Joseph.

Look here soon for information on 2014-15 tournaments!

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Golden advances in Teen Tournament

Alex_and_William 2Texas Quiz Bowl student William Golden won his first round episode and has advanced to the semi-finals of the 2014 Jeopardy! Teen Tournament. Golden, a rising 8th grader at Harmony School of Excellence in Houston, is the youngest of 15 contestants vying for a $75,000 top prize. Golden will compete in the semi-finals on Monday. Check your local listings for the viewing time and channel for Jeopardy in your area. This past season William lead his Harmony team to victory at the 2014 NAQT Middle School National Tournament. Harmony defeated St. Mark’s (Dallas) in an all-Texas final at that event in Atlanta. The Houston Chronicle profiled William in this article. The recap of his first round episode is here.

Update: William finished second in his semi-final match that aired last monday. Though William did not win the $75,000 top prize, he did take home $10,000. Congratulations to William on a fine performance.

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Team Texas wins NASAT

Victorious Team Texas posses in front of a statue of the number 1 at Ohio State University.

Victorious Team Texas posses in front of a statue of the number 1 at Ohio State University.

Texas All-Star squad of Carlo De Guzman (St. John’s ’14), Henry Hawthorn (Harmony-NA ’15), Ben Jones (LASA A, ’14), Patrick Magee (St. Mark’s, ’17), Arnav Sastry (LASA A, ’14), and Corin Wagen (LASA B, ’16) competed at the 2014 National All-Star Academic Tournament at the Ohio State University on Saturday. After going 15-1 over our 16 game schedule, Team Texas won the event. Illinois finished 13-3 for second, California took third, and New Jersey took fourth. This is the fifth year of the NASAT event. Texas is the first state to win the event twice. Ironically in 2011 Texas also finished ahead of 2nd place Illinois. Full Tournament statistics and scores are linked here.

St. John's Carlo De Guzman is the first player to win two NASAT Championships.

Carlo De Guzman

With the NASAT victory two Team Texas players earned unparalleled distinctions. For St. John’s senior Carlo De Guzman, this was his fourth NASAT appearance and his second NASAT victory. As a freshmen Carlo was a fine arts role player for Texas’ first championship squad. In 2014 Carlo was the top scorer and leader of the latest Texas championship team. Carlo is only one of two players with four NASAT appearances and the only player with two NASAT championships. Carlo will attend Texas A&M University in the fall.

Ben Jones is the first student ever to complete's quiz bowl's grand slam.

Ben Jones

For senior LASA Ben Jones, this victory is the culmination of an incredible string of championships. Along with teammate Nathan Weiser, Ben completed the quiz bowl grand slam; their LASA teams won Texas Invitational, National History Bowl, PACE National Scholastics Championship,  and NAQT High School National Championship Tournament. With this NASAT victory, Ben accomplished the quiz bowl’s version of the golden slam. Ben, who will attend Rice University in the fall, is the only player ever to simultaneously hold the five titles.

This is the fifth year for the NASAT competition. Previous winners are: Missouri (2013), California (2012), Texas (2011), and Pennsylvania (2010). The team was coached in 2014 by Chris Romero and Adam Escandell. Our tournament contingent also included observers Evan Hochstein (Kealing ’19) and Drew Singer (Greenhill ’18). Tossup by tossup updates of the tournament were provided on twitter (@TQBA_one) by Evan and are logged in the twitter feed history.

Texas Quiz Bowl annually coordinates the Team Texas Selection Process. The process begins each summer at Texas Quiz Bowl Camp and continues with events throughout the year. Students are required to choose a speciality, demonstrate their playing strengths in top level events, and prepare to contribute towards the success of future Team Texas endeavors.

2014 Texas NASAT crew in front of Ohio Stadium: [front row from left] Patrick Magee ('17 St. Mark's), Henry Hawthorn ('15 Harmony), Carlo DeGuzman ('14 St. John's), Evan Hochstein ('19 Kealing), [back row] Drew Singer ('18 Greenhill), Ben Jones  ('14 LASA), Corin Wagen ('16 LASA), Arnav Sastry ('14 LASA), [not showed] Chris Romero, Adam Escandell (coaches)

2014 Texas NASAT crew in front of Ohio Stadium: [front row from left] Patrick Magee (’17 St. Mark’s), Henry Hawthorn (’15 Harmony), Carlo De Guzman (’14 St. John’s), Evan Hochstein (’19 Kealing), [back row] Drew Singer (’18 Greenhill), Ben Jones (’14 LASA), Corin Wagen (’16 LASA), Arnav Sastry (’14 LASA), [not shown] Chris Romero, Adam Escandell (coaches)

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LASA repeats as HSNCT Champion

Congratulations to Coach Jason Flowers and seniors Alex Freed, Ben Jones, Arnav Sastry, and Nathan Weiser for winning the 2014 NAQT High School National Championship. After dropping a match earlier in the day, the seniors fought back with victories over Dorman (SC) and Stevenson (IL) before beating their schoolmates from third place LASA B and their Texas rival and second place St. John’s to claim the school’s second consecutive HSNCT championship.

2014 HSNCT Champs LASA: Alex Freed, Nathan Weiser, Coach Jason Flowers, Ben Jones, and Arnav Sastry

2014 HSNCT Champs LASA: Alex Freed, Nathan Weiser, Coach Jason Flowers, Ben Jones, and Arnav Sastry

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Texas takes top 3 at HSNCT

LASA A, LASA B, and St. John’s have claimed the top 3 spots at the High School National Championship Tournament held in Chicago this weekend. The exact order of the teams remains to be determined.

In the lead-off game, LASA coach Jason Flowers will have the unique opportunity to coach against himself. In that play-in game, his “A” squad of seniors Alex Freed, Ben Jones, Arnav Sastry, and Nathan Weiser will face off against his “B” group of underclassmen, juniors Alex Denko and Forrest Hammel paired with sophomores Ethan Russo and Corin Wagen. The winner of the play-in game with compete with coach David Nathan’s St. John’s squad of seniors George Davies, Carlo DeGuzman, and Claire Jones along with junior Deven Lahoti in a one game winner-take-all final.

Texas comrades enjoy the Sunday Lunch Break. (Photo: Colin McNamara)

Texas comrades enjoy the Sunday Lunch Break. (Photo: Colin McNamara)

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Texas looking strong in Chicago

St. John’s School (Houston) punched its ticket for the final of the 2014 NAQT High School National Championship with a thrilling 380-375 winner’s bracket final victory over Arcadia (CA) this morning. A total of seven teams remain in contention for the prestigious national title. That number includes both the A and B teams from 2013 champion Liberal Arts and Science Academy (Austin). The four other contenders are: Arcadia (CA), Ladue (MO), Maggie Walker (VA), and Stevenson (IL).

A total of eleven Texas teams qualified for the playoffs of the event that was contested by 272 teams from across the nation. Of the eleven teams, nine notched at least one victory before they were eliminated. The victories included the first by a school from San Antonio, a 370-195 victory by Reagan A over Chattahoochee B.

Village School (Houston) attended HSNCT for the first time this year, made the playoffs, and with a victory over South Range (OH) earned a tie for 34th place in the tournament. Harmony Science Academy of North Austin won two games and finished tied for 21st, its highest placing ever. Seven Lakes (Katy) won three playoff matches, eliminated national power Northmont (OH) and finished tied for 13th, it best showing since an 8th place finish in 2011.

St. John's team members Deven Lahoti and Carlo DeGuzman will compete in the 2014 HSNCT final in Chicago.

St. John’s team members Deven Lahoti and Carlo DeGuzman will compete in the 2014 HSNCT final in Chicago.

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Complete Sunday HSNCT Texas team results

Here’s a complete recap of playoff scores and rankings for Texas’ teams at HSNCT. Teams eliminated are marked in red; teams suffering their first loss are marked in orange:

Round 17

  • #24 Seven Lakes 280, #33  Johnson (MD) 245
  • #27 Harmony 350, #30 Early College at Guilford A (NC) 285
  • #47 Village 225, #10 Stevenson (IL) 420 [Village to losers' bracket]
  • #76 Reagan A 370, #77 Chattahoochee B (GA) 195
  • #91 LASA D 325, #62 Dupont Manual B (KY) 160
  • #81 Cistercian walkover vs. #72 Hickman (MO)
  • #90 St. John’s B 205, #64 Ithaca A (NY) 380
  • #104 Reagan B 160, #49 Fisher Catholic (OH) 205

St. John’s B, Reagan B tie for 77th place with 26 other teams.

Round 18

  • #1 LASA A 535, Ransom Everglades (FL) 145
  • #5 St. John’s 500, Seven Lakes 150 [7L drops to losers' bracket]
  • #7 LASA B 360, DuPont Manual (KY) 280
  • Harmony 225, #2 Ladue (MO) 415 [Harmony to losers' bracket]
  • Village 270, South Range (OH) 230
  • LASA D 305, Wayzata A (MN) 295
  • Reagan A 185, Buchholz (FL) 420
  • Cistercian A 150, Walter Johnson (MD) 305

Reagan A and Cistercian A tie for 53rd place with 22 other teams.

Round 19

  • LASA A 405, Auburn (IL) 320
  • St. John’s 445, Stevenson (IL) 305
  • LASA B 395, Richard Montgomery (MD) 240
  • Seven Lakes 365, LASA D 130
  • Harmony 290, Hinsdale Central (IL) 280
  • Village 225, Chattahoochee A (GA) 310

Village and LASA D tie for 34th place with 19 other teams.

Round 20 

  • LASA A Bye
  • St. John’s 465, IMSA (IL) 340
  • LASA B 145, Ladue (MO) 510 [LASA B to losers' bracket]
  • Seven Lakes 325, Northmont (OH) 205
  • Harmony 245, Auburn (IL) 375

Harmony ties for 21st with 12 other teams.

Round 21

  • St. John’s 445, LASA A 325 [St. John's reaches winners' bracket final, LASA A to losers' bracket]
  • LASA B 440, High Tech A (NJ) 375
  • Seven Lakes 260, Richard Montgomery (MD) 390

Seven Lakes ties for 13th with seven other teams.

Round 22

  • St. John’s A 380, Arcadia (CA) 375 [St. John's is in the final]
  • LASA A 615, Dorman A (SC) 165
  • LASA B 435Richard Montgomery (MD) 170

Round 23

  • St. John’s A bye
  • LASA A 615Stevenson (IL) 165
  • LASA B 405Arcadia (CA) 305

Round 24

  • LASA A 455, St. John’s 285
  • LASA B 375, Ladue (MO) 365

Round 25 (play-in game) 

  • LASA A 380, LASA B 305

LASA B finishes third.

Round 26 (one game final) 

  • LASA A 410, St. John’s 305

St. John’s is national runner-up; LASA A repeats as champion.

Non-playoff TQBA teams’ final rankings:
St. Mark’s (5-5) #112
LASA C (5-5) #113
Cinco Ranch (5-5) #129
LASA E (4-6) #188
Cistercian B (4-6) #193
MacArthur (4-6) #200
Clark (3-7) #233
Parish Episcopal (3-7) #236
Greenhill (3-7) #239

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Coverage from HSNCT

This morning select coverage of Texas teams from the winner’s bracket at the High School National Championship Tournament will be live tweeted. Please follow @TQBA_one or visit

General National Coverage is available at this CoverItLive Link.

Sunday First Round Matches (Winner’s Bracket):

  • #24 Seven Lakes vs. #33 Walter Johnson (MD) [Twitter Coverage]
  • #27 Harmony vs. #30 Early College A (NC) [Twitter Coverage]
  • #47 Village vs. #10 Stevenson (IL)

Sunday First Round Elimination Matches:

  • #76 Reagan A vs. #77 Chattahoochee B (GA)
  • #91 LASA D vs. #62 Dupont Manual B (KY)
  • #104 Reagan B vs. #49 Fisher Catholic (OH)
  • #81 Cistercian vs. #72 Hickman (MO)
  • #90 St. John’s B vs. #64 Ithaca A (NY)

First Round Byes:

  • #1 LASA A
  • #5 St. John’s A
  • #7 LASA B
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Eleven Texas teams advance at HSNCT.

The defending 2013 NAQT High School National Championship Tournament winning school, Austin’s Liberal Arts & Science Academy has earned the #1 seed in tomorrow’s double elimination playoff for the 2014 title. The A team from LASA finished the preliminaries with a 9-1 record defeating both its chief home state rivals, St. John’s (Houston), and its own B team en route to the top seed.

Eleven the twenty Texas teams in attendance advanced to the Sunday playoffs. The qualifiers (in order of seed) are:

  • #1 LASA A (9-1)
  • #5 St. John’s (8-2)
  • #7 LASA B (8-2)
  • #25 Seven Lakes (7-3)
  • #27 Harmony (7-3)
  • #45 Village A (7-3)
  • Cistercian A (6-4)
  • Reagan A (6-4)
  • LASA D (6-4)
  • Reagan B (6-4)
  • St. John’s B (6-4)

Additional information on today’s results will be posted later. We will also be posting information about the live-blogging of Texas matches in tomorrow’s playoffs. Parents and supporters of the teams back in Texas will have some opportunities to “watch” their students on the internet on Sunday.

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HSNCT Updates

Here’s the latest on TQBA teams participating today in NAQT’s High School National Championship Tournament:

Master Preliminary Schedule – Official Team Stats – Format Tidbits about HSNCT

Reagan B is one of 11 Texas teams to qualify for the playoffs

Reagan B is one of 11 Texas teams to qualify for the playoffs

Teams denoted in Red have clinched playoff spots

LASA A (9-1). [Stats Link]
Results: W. Albemarle (VA) 300-410; St. John’s A (TX) 530-180; Dorman (SC) 420-320; LASA B (TX) 470-240; High Tech A (NJ) WIN; Farragut (TN) 520-200; Santa Monica (CA) 590-125; Buchholz (FL) 645-220; Skyline (MI) 500-160; North Miami (IN) 570-35

St. John’s A (8-2). [Stats Link]
Results: Chattahoochee A (GA) 490-240; LASA A (TX) 180-530; Charter (DE) 485-285; Seven Lakes (TX) 550-235; Dunbar (KY) 440-270; William Fremd (IL) 670-30; Torrey Pines (CA) 340-370; Troy (MI) 550-100; Hunter B (NY) 655-85; Tuscumbia (MO) 710-0

LASA B (8-2).  [Stats Link]
Results: St. Joseph’s (NJ) 525-125; Hunter (NY) 475-210; Stevenson (IL) 360-380; LASA A (TX) 230-470; W. Albemarle (VA) 405-340; DCC A (MI) 370-340; Eden Prairie A (MN) 510-245; Savannah (MO) 510-200; Chartiers Valley (PA) 590-125; Auburn C (IL) 600-10

Seven Lakes (7-3).  [Stats Link]
Results: High Tech A (NJ) 270-485; Centennial (MD) 320-215; Harmony (TX) 330-290; St. John’s A (TX) 235-550; Walter Johnson (MD) 434-180; Escobar (CA) 355-220; Copley (OH) 400-240; High Tech A (NJ) 350-425; Lexington (MA) 340-100; Fountain Lake (AR) 515-60

Harmony SANA (7-3). [Stats Link]
Results: Hume-Fogg (TN) 300-225; Hoover (AL) 245-155; Seven Lakes 290-330; Savannah (MO) 445-35; Manheim Township (PA) 350-190; UChicago Lab (IL) 270-290; Springfield 405-145; Wilmington Charter (DE) 165-470; Arcadia B (CA) 280-150; Chillicothe (OH) 485-15

Village (7-3). [Stats Link]
Results: Hinsdale Central (IL) 315-220; Latin School (IL) 220-200; Dorman B (SC) 245-200; Bellarmine B (CA) 325-190; Wheaton North (IL) 120-355; Marist (GA) 210-250; Buchholz (FL) 335-240; St. Thomas (MN) 220-150; Germantown B (TN) 225-75; Riverside (SC) 170-310

St. John’s B (6-4). [Stats Link]
Results: Brookwood (GA) 270-200; Olmstead (OH) 290-90; Gatton (GA) 225-405; Phoenixville (PA) 305-165; MacArthur (TX) 285-70; St. Mark’s (TX) 200-300; IMSA (IL) 135-620; Crystal Springs Uplands (CA) 265-65; Guilford A (NC) 210-420; Campbell County (KY) 220-130

Reagan A (6-4). [Stats Link]
Results: Cedar Shoals (GA) 410-135; Winchester Thurston 195-365; Dunbar B (KY) 345-210; Eden Prairie A (MN) 185-270; Hallsville (MO) 320-295; Skyline 275-150; Dunwoody 190-175; Mountain Lakes 230-300; Cedar Crest (PA) 290-120; DeLaSalle A (MN) 150-160

Reagan B (6-4). [Stats Link]
Results: Walter Johnson (MD) 115-475; Chicago Lab (IL) 270-180; Hunter B (NY) 275-175; Itawamba Agricultural (MS) 200-70; Georgetown Day (DC) 80-355; LAMP (AL) 275-80; Phoenixville A (PA) 45-380; Rosemount (MN) 185-140; EIS (Honduras) 210-100; Glasgow (KY) 145-310.

Cistercian A (6-4). [Stats Link]
Results: Guilford A 70-455; Glasgow 225-200; Springfield 225-220; Olmstead Falls 310-155; Savannah (MO) 175-250; West Salem A (WI) 355-65; Auburn A (IL) 220-510; TJ Classical (NC) 265-125; Bellarmine B (CA) 230-265; Loyola B 425-50

LASA D (6-4). [Stats Link]
Results: LASA C (TX) 325-175; Copley (OH) 275-335; DCC (MI) 120-535; Grand Junction (CO) 290-230; Gatton Academy (KY) 200-395; Desert Vista B 295-115; Providence 340-80; Northmont (OH) 70-570; Cedar Shoals (GA) 240-165

LASA C (5-5). [Stats Link]
Results: LASA D (TX) 175-325; Bellarmine A (CA) 245-305; Edmond Memorial (OK) 365-90; Livingston (NJ) 265-165; High Tech B (NJ) 250-335; Flowery Branch (GA) 350-235; La Jolla A (CA) 205-360; Wayzata C (MN) 360-105; Western Albemarle (VA) 125-555; Amador Valley (CA) 235-190

Cinco Ranch (5-5). [Stats Link]
Latest result: Collins Hill (GA) 265-205; N. Kansas City (MO) 155-225; Cistercian B (TX) 320-60; Santa Monica (CA) 210-235; Myrtle Beach (SC) 270-85; Chaska (MN) 175-240; Haarlem (FL) 180-265; Eden Prairie B (MN) 190-165; Dorman (SC) 115-385; Russell (KY) 255-190

St. Mark’s (5-5). [Stats Link]
Results: Utica Academy B 415-75; Essex A 115-275; IMSA B (IL) 220-300; Germantown B (TN) 395-40; Fisher Catholic (OH) 195-435; St. John’s B (TX) 300-200; Minnetonka (MN) 280-145; Dunbar B (KY) 160-225; State College A (PA) 170-295; Germantown (TN) 375-85

LASA E (4-6). [Stats Link]
Results: Watson Chapel A 200-235; Cedar Shoals (GA) 135-205; Valdosta (GA) 285-75; Latin School (IL) 220-230; Carbondale B (IL) 165-80; Livonia Churchill 265-175; Hudson A 135-165; Phoenixville B 45-290; Ridgewood (NJ) 210-60; Dublin Scioto (OH) 90-295

MacArthur (4-6). [Stats Link]
Latest result: Corona Del Sol (AZ) 170-105; Wayzata (MN) 95-225; Mounds View (MN) 80-250; St. Andrew’s (MS) 270-70; St. John’s B (TX) 70-285; Valdosta (GA) 205-55; Cloverleaf (OH) 150-250; Eastview (MN) 175-200; Desmet (MO) 170-80; Collins Hill (GA) 90-230

Cistercian B (4-6). [Stats Link]
Latest result: Cinco Ranch (TX) 60-320; Pinewood Prep (175-145) ; Park Hill South (125-220); Thomas County Central 315-45; Norman North B (OK) 100-155; Westpoint A 125-185; South Range (OH) 130-275

Clark (3-7). [Stats Link]
Latest result: Dunwoody (GA) 25-325; St. Paul Central (MN) 175-160; Galloway (GA) 95-225; Copley (OH) 90-465; Wayzata D 250-150; Corona del Sol 155-160; Hudson A (WI) 120-80; Wheaton North (IL) 215-280

Greenhill (3-7). [Stats Link]
Latest result: Burnsville B 120-65, State College B (PA) 155-175; River Ridge 90-225; Minnetonka B 185-20; La Jolla (CA) 90-135; Gatton (KY) 140-270

Parish Episcopal (3-7). [Stats Link]
Latest result: Verrago 150-70; Bainbridge 115-235; Burnsville B 210-75; Essex B 160-210; Smith (CT) 55-395; Hallsville (MO) 35-460

Clark High School

Clark High School

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